A simple interactive command line tool to help you cleanup your git branch detritus.

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This is what git-cleanup does:

  1. Iterates over all remote branches (assumes origin), starting with the newest. For each branch:
  2. If the branch has been merged into master it offers to delete it, first remotely then locally.
  3. If the branch has not been merged it shows you all the un-merged commits, and offers to show you a diff (in your GIT_EDITOR). This makes it easy to determine whether the branch should be removed or not.
    Once you have viewed the diff you will be asked whether you wish to delete the branch as before.

Every destructive operation is interactive - nothing unexpected will happen to your repo. It's perfectly fine to Ctrl-C at any time if you get bored of deleting branches and want to do some real work.


Install the gem

$ gem install git-cleanup

Inside a git repo, just run git-cleanup

$ git-cleanup

Use --skip-unmerged to ignore un-merged branches

$ git-cleanup --skip-unmerged

Be careful, if you delete a critical branch it's not my fault. Piping in yes is a bad idea.