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APICache allows any API client library to be easily wrapped with a robust caching layer. It supports caching (obviously), serving stale data and limits on the number of API calls. It’s also got a handy syntax if all you want to do is cache a bothersome url.


$ sudo gem install api_cache -s

Quick intro

This is how you access the twitter public timeline if you need your site to stay up, regardless of what twitter does.

require 'rubygems'
require 'api_cache'

It will fetch a new version once the cached version is 10 minutes old, keep the old version for a day just in case, and never contact twitter more than once a minute. Of course all these numbers are configurable.

APICache uses moneta so you can use any key-value store you like.

require 'moneta/memcache' = => "localhost")

This adds caching to an otherwise excellent Flickr library.

APICache.get("my_photos") do

See the README for a proper introduction.